What we are doing and what you can expect to find here?

Dear Visitor!

I hope joining the Group you will join very interesting and exiting opportunity to dive into fast growing and very
attractive business and social interaction area:
THE MESSENGER BASED FIANCIAL SERVICE (and not only financial – as possible you will see soon).

I have started the Group to share with you information about our products, visions, and plans we are or will develop
in the future!

This is very new (and innovative!) area of activity and we hope you will be interested in reading news and … possible
will become our partners, customers or users!

Many of my correspondents are asking me: “Why somebody will need financial service as a part of messenger?”

I answer this question quite simple:

“Just think about where banks are going to establish branches?
In the most crowded places, not somewhere in the middle of the forest!
Where today you will find most of people (and not only in developed countries)?
In social networks.
Where most young people are “sitting“ today?
In chats (messengers)”

Therefore we want to bring financial services to the environment where most people are presented to give them chance

This is the vision and main motto of our new company: “QuickBoxBot.LLC”

“Quick” – because we believe messengers based financial service will be faster that even “standard
mobile banking”!

“Box” because we want to bring to the market highly standardized and very simple application that
can be used by anybody who is able to held mobile phone in own hand: from teenagers till seniors!

“Bot” because it is the application name at messengers!

Are you interested?

Then hurry up and install at your phone “Telegram” messenger.
It is free and it is running on all platforms, including phones, PCs and tablets!
Wait some days, you will see the “Bot” – ChatBankBot!
This is our full featured “Model bank”!
You will be able to play with it and you will see how simple real banking

EduardasVaigauskasEduardas Vaigauskas
General Manager at Cashphenix International LLC